Custom-Made Art Pedestal in Paradise Valley, AZ

When it comes to sculptures, pottery, and other pieces of three-dimensional artwork, simply displaying these pieces atop standard furniture won’t do. Instead, what you need is a custom art pedestal that will further elevate the prominence and beauty of the piece on display.

Clare Frame & Art is the trusted visual display team for art collectors and design firms in Paradise Valley, AZ. Learn how we can help you display your visual media with elegance and poise.

The Art of Subtlety

At Clare Frame & Art, we understand the importance of making sure that a custom-made art pedestal or frame does nothing to take away from the splendor of the piece on display while also enhancing the visual surroundings for the piece.

Whether it’s a frame for a painting, a shadowbox for an artifact, or a pedestal for a sculpture, our team of framers knows how to envelop the piece in question in the most appropriate way possible. Whether the framing should blend in with the room or help draw the eye to the piece it displays, our designers can fabricate a product that is perfect for your needs.

We work with a wide breadth of materials that allows us to create displays that fit the appearance and needs of the piece on display. While display materials shouldn’t look like they’re part of the pieces they showcase, they also shouldn’t function as an entirely separate point of focus for viewers. Instead, frames and other displays should complement that which they hold.

Our designers work closely with clients to craft the perfect display pieces. We even offer in-home consultations, deliveries, and installation services, all of which allow us to design a product that truly brings your piece into synchronicity with its intended space.

To learn more about what we can do, be sure to view our portfolio or contact us by calling (480) 970-8400.