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A picture frame is composed of many elements. Here is listing of some of the more common components. By using the proper ones, you will be able to both protect and enjoy your art pieces for many years.

The Frame
The frame must support both the aesthetic size and weight of the art as well as the physical size and weight of the art. We will assist you in choosing a frame containing the correct color, scale, and texture.

Sometimes we will stack two or more mouldings together to create a more customized look for your art or framed mirror. When using thin mouldings to frame larger pieces, we will build a wooden support structure to place inside the back of the frame. On this internal structure, we will often place the hanging mechanism.

If the art is placed near the walls of a wooden frame, we will often line its rabbet (lip) with a protective archival tape to prevent any out-gasing of harmful acids of the wood from reaching the art.

The Mat
Mats were initially developed to create a separation between the inside of the glass and the art, i.e., to prevent moisture from building up in the framing package which could damage the piece.

Today, mats are used for decorative as well as conservation purposes. We can show you ways to use large mat panels to set off the art. The mat may overlap the edge of the art or may be place under the art whereby the art will "float" on top of the mat. In the latter instance, we would use a spacer to create the separation mentioned above.

We have a large assortment of antique papers from which we could prepare mitered strips to place on the mat to enhance an antique print. We are able to draw ruling lines and create watercolor panels for the perfect embellishment.

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