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Picture Framing in
Scottsdale, AZ

Pre-Finished Mouldings
~ Wood Lines ~ Metal Aluminum Lines
Finished Corner Frames
~ 22 kt Gold and 12 kt White Gold
~ Hand-Carved Detailing ~ Domestic Hardwoods
~ Welded Steel
Acrylic Boxes
Specialty Mats & Liners
~ UV Conservation Glass ~ Museum Glass
~ Non-Reflective Glass (UV and Regular)
~ Acrylic (Museum, UV and Regular)
Fabric Services
~ Batiks ~ Cross-Stitches ~ Crochets ~ Embroideries
~ Needlepoint ~ Quilts ~ Rugs ~ Tapestries
Oil Paintings Stretched & Framed
Custom Framed Mirrors
Restoration Services
~ Frame Restoration

Whether you're an artist, an interior designer, an amateur painter, or a collector, you understand the importance of a great frame for every piece of art. And beyond just works of art, there are many important documents or images you may need to have framed, such as diplomas, certificates, or antique photographs.

Come to Clare Frame & Art in Scottsdale, AZ. We specialize in creating custom frames of all shapes, sizes, and materials. No matter what your framing needs are, we can create a piece for you.

Our Art Frames

At Clare Frame & Art, we offer a variety of options for framing and preserving works of art such as paintings, collages, and photographs.

If you're looking for pre-finished art frames, we offer wood and aluminum moldings that will suit almost any work of art. We also offer finished corner frames with hand-carved details and 12 or 22 karat gold and white gold corners. These are made from domestic hardwoods and welded steel.

In addition to framing, we can cut custom glass for your art, whether you need UV conservation glass, museum glass, or non-reflective glass. We also offer these options in acrylic, which doesn't shatter like glass and can be safer.

We can also stretch and frame oil paintings, a precise and careful process that ensures a painting will remain beautiful for years to come.

Our Other Frames

We don't only frame works of art such as paintings and photos. We can also frame fabric creations such as:

  • Tapestries
  • Rugs
  • Quilts
  • Needlepoint
  • Embroideries
  • Cross-stitches
  • Crochets
  • Batiks

Our framing services also extend to mirrors of any shape and size. Custom frames for mirrors add a unique touch to any home.

Finally, we offer frame restoration services to keep your artwork and home décor looking beautiful.

To contact us, call 480.970.8400. You can also visit our shop in Scottsdale, AZ, during normal business hours to peruse your options for framing materials.

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